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Holmestice Fanworks Exchange ("Westminster," de Nittis, 1878)

The [community profile] holmestice exchange is up and running in its new home here on Dreamwidth. All Sherlock Holmes fandoms and all pairings (and gen) are welcome.
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  1. Memberships for Sherlock Seattle are on sale now! Our website is

  2. The guest list is slowly but surely growing. Confirmed guests so far include Reapersun, Liz Eckhart (aka professorfangirl), Caitlin Obom, John Longenbaugh (Sherlockian playwright), Abundantlyqueer, Berlynn Wohl, Inchells, Feyuca, Daunt, and (hopefully!) Sketchlock and Madlori.

  3. The convention is currently accepting applications from anyone who is interested in having a vendor table for the weekend, a time slot in the Artists’ Alley, or being a panelist at the convention!

Yep, it was so much fun last year, it's happening again! Keep up with the latest news on:
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Remember, the Sherlock Seattle convention is pre-registration only (there will be no "at the door" memberships sold) and pre-reg ends on the 25th -- so don't delay!

sherlock convention

(Click the pic to go to the con's off-LJ website.)

Also, remember the LJ discussion group:

Introduce yourself on the intro post, coordinate travel and hotel plans with other fans on the travel post, and/or get in touch with other cosplayers on the cosplay post!

Convention info also available on Tumblr and Facebook. :)
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There's now an LJ discussion group for the Sherlock Seattle con!

sherlock convention

(Click the pic to go to the con's off-LJ website.)

Join, introduce yourself on the intro post, and find out about the other fans attending (not that you have to attend to take part in the squee, of course!). :)

There are also convention pages on Tumblr and Facebook -- so if you use those social networks, check 'em out!
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The Sherlock Seattle Convention is on!

The Sherlock Seattle Convention is a celebration of all things Sherlock and as such will be featuring many interesting and informative panels, fun and entertaining events, as well as a screening of all three episodes of BBC’s Sherlock - Season 2!

Check out the website to pre-register for the convention (hint, hint, everyone who wants to come to the convention needs to pre-register - there will be no at-the-door registrations) and discover of what kinds of panels, guests and special events you can expect to find there!

We look forward to meeting you in person! Cheers!
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Bidding has begun for [community profile] fandom_helps. All donations are going to Planned Parenthood.

My thread is yonder. I am only writing Sherlock for this one! :D

Do browse around and check out the plethora of talented writers, artists, podficcers, vidders, and craftsfolk offering up their services.
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"Holmes, rather to my disappointment, manifested no further interest in her when once she had ceased to be the centre of one of his problems...."

- "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches"

This is a community for recs and discussions that don't have an exclusively male focus. Read a great John/Sarah fic? Want to talk genderswap? Envision Irene Adler as genderfluid? Leave a post here! It's open to all Holmesian incarnations.
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(Posted with mod approval)

[community profile] female_fest is a fest celebrating various shades of female-centric relationship. Femslash and yuri are not only welcome, but also strongly encouraged! It's currently accepting prompt here.

Important Dates:

Prompting: From Now til Mid-June
Claiming: June 25 - July 9
Posting: August14 - September 14

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[ profile] 221b_4ever   is open once again, \o/.

Go here and claim your favourite romantic movie and turn it into Sherlock!verse.
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Sherlock Loves John - A Romantic Movie Challenge will be open for business on March 14th.

Come and join the fun - [ profile] 221b_4ever 

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Hello! We invite everyone to join us in our seasonal fanwork festival with the first contest of October. Be sure to check out the Autumn/Halloween-themed submissions from other challenges while you're there!

Contest Information!
(Dreamwidth/non-LJ users are welcome to participate! We would be happy to see you there!)

Other: Secondary Challenge (Prompt Tables) // Volunteer for Beta-ing
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Hey everyone! Have a Sherlock vid you want to share? Watched a Sherlock vid you are dying to rec? [community profile] sherlockvids has you covered.

[community profile] sherlockvids is a comm you can post vids and vid recs from any of the versions of Sherlock Holmes floating around out there, from the 2009 film to the BBC series to the Basil Rathbone films.

So swing by and join the party! \o/
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Introduction & Overview // REQUESTS OPEN

x Autumn/Halloween-themed
x Fanwork challenges and contests
x All adaptions and verses welcome
x New and experienced writers/artists/graphic makers/mixers alike welcome

ETA: Dreamwidth & non-LJ folks can participate as well. For more information, visit the FAQ.


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